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Brown hairy wet dog washing its paws

Pet Cleaning Hacks

Pets fill our lives and hearts with unconditional love, which is a truly special and precious gift. They also fill our homes with dust, fur, and dirt. If there were a downside to having pets, it would definitely be the…

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Black labrador dog looking to the right side

Black Dog Day

October 1st is National Black Dog Day! Our canine pals sport a variety of coat styles and colors, and we think they are all adorable. However, some pups have a harder time getting adopted than others. Black dogs, for instance,…

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Two gray bunnies in a log

Heart Disease In Bunnies

International Rabbit Day is coming up on September 24th. Just like any other animal, these cute little furballs are susceptible to illness and disease, including heart problems. Heart issues are actually not uncommon with rabbits, especially in older ones. A…

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Dog treat on snout

Safe Treats For National Dog Day

August 26th is National Dog Day. Our canine companions truly do deserve to be celebrated. Of course, if you were able to ask Fido how he would want to recognize this special occasion, there’s a pretty good chance that his…

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Garfield kitty looking straight up

Summer With Kittens

Has a new kitten recently joined your household? Congratulations on your furry new arrival! There are few things more adorable than baby cats. Your new pet will not only keep you smiling with her adorable antics, she’ll probably waste no…

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Three dogs sitting on a couch with lady in pink shirt kissing the tallest dog

Reasons To Bring Your Puppy To Doggy Daycare

Have you recently adopted a puppy? Good for you! Training and socialization should definitely be on the agenda for the coming year, along with lots of cute moments. Doggy daycare can actually help with all of those things! Here, a…

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