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Answer Your Cat's Questions Day

There’s a pre tty adorable kitty holiday coming up. January 22nd is Answer your Cat’s Questions Day! Our feline friends are renowned for their curiosity. (Actually, Fluffy is downright nosy, but that’s besides the point.) If your furball could voice…

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Spotlight on the Labrador Retriever

January 8th i s National Labrador Retriever Day! The lovable Lab is one of America’s favorite pets. In fact, the Lab won the AKC’s top spot for 29 years in a row! A San Antonio, TX vet discusses this cute…

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Tips for Boarding Your Dog

Are you going away over the holidays? If so, you may be considering putting Fido in a kennel while you’re gone. Of course, your canine pal can’t make his own reservations or pack his suitcase, so it’s up to you…

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Holidays With Bunnies

Happy Holidays! Or, for those of you with rabbits, perhaps we should say Hoppy Holidays. Floppy is a very adorable little pet! She can also be very frisky, so you may need to take a few steps to keep her…

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Thanksgiving With Fido

Thanksgiving isn’t far off now! Your canine buddy will definitely stick close by as you prepare for the autumn holiday. Just be sure to put Fido’s health and safety first. The holidays can be dangerous for pets! A San Antonio,…

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8 Reasons to Be Thankful for Pocket Pets

Thanksgiving is coming up! Even–and perhaps especially–in a turbulent year like this one, it’s important to remember and celebrate the meaning of the autumn holiday: gratitude. Pets are quite high on the list of things we are appreciative of. In…

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