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6 Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy

August 1, 2023

International Cat Day is August 8th. Kitties are really the purrfect little pets and companions. Their cute faces, amusing quirks, and larger-than-life personalities have all helped them earn spots in our hearts and on our laps, as well as the title of Man’s Second Best Friend. Fluffy definitely deserves to be celebrated! A San Antonio, TX vet offers some advice on keeping that motor going below.


Kitties may be cute, but they’re also very capable hunters with deeply ingrained predatory instincts. Make sure Fluffy has lots of ‘prey’ to practice her lioning skills on. Keep in mind that cats all have their own unique preferences when it comes to toys. Some like catnip mice, some like balls, and some like string toys. Experiment a bit!

Kitty Luxuries

Our feline overlords definitely love being pampered. Fortunately for us, it’s not hard to turn your home into a kitty mansion. Prove Fluffy with all the luxuries she could want, such as boxes, scratching posts, window seats, and, of course catnip. If you really want to go all-out on spoiling your furry friend, make her a catio or install a catwalk for her.


Fluffy should have a few things that were made just for her. Cat towers are great options, as they serve several functions. Even box castles will get that motor going! On a tight budget? Look at DIY options.

Veterinary Care

Fluffy may not be thrilled about visiting us, but she’ll be both happier and healthier with proper care. Most kitties should come in at least once a year. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule.


Talking to your kitty can also make her feel loved. One of the most adorable things about cats is the fact that they are quite responsive. Fluffy may meow back when you speak to her. Even if she doesn’t have much to say, she may respond in other ways, such as flicking her tail or jumping into your lap for snuggles. 


Fluffy can be a bit aloof at times. Some kitties just prefer to be admired from a distance. However, most of our feline pals get very close to their humans, and really crave our attention. Spend quality time with Fluffy every day!

Do you need to make an appointment for your feline friend? Contact us, your San Antonio, TX animal clinic, anytime!

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