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House Calls

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Are you finding it difficult to keep that upcoming vet appointment?

There are a wide variety of reasons why making the trip to the vet can be challenging. For some pet parents, it’s a lack of adequate transportation. For others, their animal may be too sick to be safely transported. Still others dread the experience of their pet’s anxiety when they’re exposed to the sights and sounds of a traditional clinic setting.

Whatever the reason, at North Star Animal Hospital, we believe every animal deserves exceptional veterinary care. That’s why we’re pleased to offer house call services to provide our clients with more options. If you can’t bring your loved one in to see us, we’ll bring our care right to you!

Benefits of House Calls

In-home care provides a variety of benefits to the pet, the owner and the doctor alike. For your companion, being able to receive care in an environment in which he or she feels safe is important. It can make an otherwise stressful situation easier. As a result, the vet benefits as well. That’s because it’s more effective to treat an animal that is calm and relaxed. This can improve the quality of care your loved one receives.

As a busy pet parent, you can benefit from house calls by avoiding the hassle of making a trip to the vet. No need to worry about corralling your pet, driving to the clinic, waiting to be seen and making the trip back home. Just have your pet ready to be seen when the doctor arrives and you’ll be good to go! You’ll also get more one-on-one time with the vet, which provides the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your concerns.

The in-home care services available to patients of North Star Animal Hospital include, but are not limited to:

  • Wellness Exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite Control
  • Sick Calls
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Emergency Calls

We invite you to start a conversation today to learn if this service would be a good fit for your needs!

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