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Does an upcoming pet surgery have you feeling worried?

At North Star Animal Hospital, performing surgery is part of our everyday job. For you and your pet, on the other hand, it’s not such a common occurrence. Because of this, you may be feeling nervous about how the procedure will go and concerned about the wellbeing of your loved one. We understand the feelings you’re experiencing, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure that our surgical care meets the very highest standards.

Our entire team is experienced and highly skilled in performing both routine and advanced procedures. Most importantly, we take the safety and comfort of our patients to heart. All surgical patients are thoroughly evaluated to ensure their ability to be placed under anesthesia. This screening helps us to identify and prepare for your companion’s unique risk factors. It also provides the information we need to develop a customized pain management plan.

Your Pet’s Surgery – What to Expect

When you arrive to drop your pet off the morning of surgery, we’ll be waiting to welcome you both. One of our dedicated care team members will focus on getting your loved one settled in as we answer any of your last minute questions. We want to make sure you feel confident leaving your best friend in our care.

Just prior to surgery, we will carefully begin administering the pain medication. This helps to block any discomfort before it has a chance to begin. Once safely sedated, the doctor will begin the procedure. We will work diligently and with great care to ensure that the surgery is completed as safely and efficiently as possible. Monitoring equipment will be used throughout to closely watch your pet’s vital signs and maintain his or her wellbeing.

Post-surgical care begins the moment the procedure is complete. Your pet will be moved to our hospital recovery area where we will continue to monitor him or her closely. We will reach out to you to explain how the surgery went and arrange a pick up time. Once you arrive, we’ll go over our aftercare instructions, which may include a plan for managing your pet’s pain. We want to make the recovery process as quick and painless as possible.

Still feeling nervous? Give us a call at North Star Animal Hospital and let us set your mind at ease. Your furry friend will be in caring, capable hands with us!

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