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Nutrition & Weight Management

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Does shopping in the pet food aisle leave you with more questions than answers? Are you confident that your companion’s weight is where it should be?

These topics can be confusing, even to the most experienced pet parent. Yet nutrition and weight control are essential to your pet’s ongoing good health, so they’re pretty important. Having a partner that understands these things and can point you in the right direction can make all the difference. At North Star Animal Hospital, we want to work with you to design the perfect plan for your pet’s needs. Together we’ll help your four-legged friend stay in tip-top shape for life!

Dietary Counseling

The food you give your pet can mean the difference between merely surviving and truly thriving. We want to help achieve the latter! We’ll start by conducting a thorough physical exam to determine if your pet has any special needs. We’ll also take into consideration his or her breed, age, weight and lifestyle. All of this information will help us develop your pet’s unique nutritional profile. From there we can provide a professional recommendation on what food would be the best fit.

Weight Management

Did you know that even just a few too many pounds could actually shorten your pet’s life? Obesity is a serious problem, and one which must be addressed as quickly and effectively as possible. If our assessment reveals that your companion could stand to lose a few pounds, we’ll get right to work developing an appropriate strategy. We may suggest cutting back on calorie intake, increasing physical activity or a combination of both.

Ongoing Plan Maintenance

Diet and weight control are not “set it and forget it” topics. Throughout the course of your pet’s life, changes will occur to his or her body which will require a different kind of support. It’s important that we modify our nutrition and weight management plan accordingly to accommodate these changes. This will provide us with the greatest chance at achieving a lifetime of positive results.
Could you use a helping hand in managing your four-legged friend’s nutrition and weight control needs? Pick up the phone and call North Star Animal Hospital today!

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