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Tips On Bunny Bonding

Are you considering adopting Bunny #2? Rabbits can form very tight bonds with one another. However, this isn’t guaranteed. A lot will hinge on those crucial first impressions! Here, a San Antonio, TX vet offers some advice on getting your…

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Resolutions Inspired By Dogs

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that 2022 is behind us, and we’re heading into 2023. No matter what the coming year brings, your canine buddy will be right there at your side, cheering you on with tail wags,…

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Dogs in a shelter house playing with a lady in pink shirt

Common Misconceptions About Boarding

Are you going to be going away for the holidays? If so, you may still be in the process of sorting out who is going to take care of your canine pal. Many people opt for petsitters and family members….

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Ginger kitten with a pink neck scarf

Holiday Kitty Mischief

The holidays are officially upon us! It’s always nice to reconnect with friends and family, and enjoy seasonal meals and festivities together. Our feline pals also love this time of year. There’s certainly plenty of opportunity for treats, playtime, and,…

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