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Doggy Anxiety: Helping Fido Cope

Did you know that dogs, like humans, may suffer from anxiety? Our canine buddies are highly emotional. Fido can experience fear, depression, loneliness, and grief. This can be rather taxing on him, both emotionally and physically. This essay by a…

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Hairballs: What Every Cat Owner Should Know

In April, we have a range of pet-related holidays and awareness events to celebrate, including Little Pampered Dog Day, National Hug Your Dog Day, and Cat Lady Day. There are also a few events on the calendar that don’t seem…

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And Meow, a Word about Siamese Cats

April 6th is designated as Siamese Cat Day. We’re happy to spend some time honoring these unique felines. Sometimes known as Meezers, Siamese kitties are purrticularly captivating. While all of our feline friends are adorable and full of purrsonality, many…

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Simple Ways To Alleviate Itching in Pets

Have you noticed that your furry friend has been itchy lately? If Fluffy or Fido only scratches occasionally, there’s likely no cause for concern. It’s totally normal to get a random itch every now and then! However, if your four-legged…

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Bunny Facts To Nibble On

Were you aware that rabbits were initially domesticated in the fifth century? Monks from southern France and the Iberian Peninsula may have been the first to domesticate Floppy. Rabbits became incredibly popular pets during the Victorian era, which may explain…

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Breed Spotlight: Meet The Whippet 

There are several special doggy holidays in February, including Whippet Day. Originally used for poaching rabbits, the Whippet is a gentle pup that loves to cuddle. They may not be as well-known as their larger kin, the Greyhound, but these…

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