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Purrfect Reasons to Board Your Cat

May 15, 2024

Are you going on vacation soon? If you have a dog, you will undoubtedly be making preparations for Fido. But what about Fluffy? Kitties are far more independent than our canine companions, and they can stay at home for longer periods of time than pooches. However, they are not as self-sufficient as they pretend to be. Read on to see why a local San Antonio, TX boarding kennel recommends bringing your feline friend to a pet hotel while you are away.

Kitties Aren’t As Independent As They Seem

Many people believe that because Kitties are so independent, it is best for them to stay at home. However, our feline friends can become terribly unhappy, lonely, and anxious on their own. Fluffy may display her worry by indulging in potentially dangerous behaviors such as overgrooming, refusing to eat, or attempting to escape.

Fluffy Just Isn’t Much for Travel

As you may already know, our feline pals don’t like going on car rides. While there are a few adventurous kitties out there who have adapted to van life or are traveling the world with their humans, those cats are the exception, not the rule. Most of these little furballs are homebodies who want to stay at home and keep an eye on their domains.

Fluffy may be affectionate and cuddly, but that doesn’t mean she’ll enjoy accompanying you places. Travel can be extremely stressful for cats. Our feline buddies, like all animals, have a natural inclination to fight or flee if scared. The last thing you want is for your cat to flee in panic when she’s in an unknown environment!

How Long Can a Cat Be Left Alone?

Our feline pals can stay at home alone for longer periods of time than dogs. But, how long is too long?

As a general rule, we do not recommend leaving adult cats alone for more than 24 or 48 hours. That is provided the cat is healthy. If Fluffy has a medical condition, it is best to simply board her. We also do not recommend leaving kittens or senior cats at home alone for more than one night, if that. They’re simply too frail!

Our Feline Friends  Have Purrticular Requirements

One advantage of boarding for dogs is that Fido will be able to run and play with his canine buddies. Man’s Best Friend is very sociable, and he often benefits from hanging out with other pooches. That’s one reason that a lot of dogs love to go to doggie daycare! However, cats are wired differently. (Actually, that is a bit of an understatement)

Unlike dogs, the majority of our feline buddies do not enjoy associating with other kitties. While Fluffy and Mittens may eventually get along, our feline friends rarely bond right away.

Fluffy can actually find comfort in a comfortable kennel atmosphere. Kitties also feel secure in small, comfortable spaces. You may have noticed that if something scares your furball—whether it’s the sound of a kitchen pot clanging or a loud alarm—she will most likely run and hide.

Boarding Your Kitty Gives You Peace Of Mind

Pet Sitting services have been increasingly popular in recent years. We completely get the reason and appeal of having someone swing over to walk your dog while you’re out. However, this requires allowing someone else into your home. We are not arguing that dog walkers are untrustworthy; most are likely nice folks. However, you can’t be too careful these days.

Your Pet Will Not Escape

Another thing to be concerned about with petsitters is the potential of your pet wandering off. Some cats feel compelled to go outside and may attempt to flee if someone enters or exits the house. The Great Outdoors can be extremely dangerous for a small furball! This could have tragic consequences. By boarding, you eliminate the possibility of this occurring.

Fluffy Won’t Be Forgotten

If you rely on a pet sitter, you must also consider the chance that they may have an emergency of their own and be unable to stop by. This could soon become dangerous for your pet, since she may run out of food or water before you return.

Boarding Is Safer For Our Feline Companions

Kitties are extremely playful and mischievous. It’s likely that many of you have rescued your beloved feline from a dangerous situation at some point. Your pet may have gotten stuck behind a bookcase, wrapped in string, or … the list goes on. Let’s just say that the possibilities for kitty mischief are pretty endless.

With boarding, you don’t have to worry about Fluffy drinking all of her water or locking herself in a closet. Keeping your kitty in a professional facility ensures that she receives fresh food, water, and attention on a daily basis. She will also be continuously monitored so that if she becomes ill, the situation may be addressed immediately. Boarding with  your vet is a great option as they would already have your pet’s medical records.

Staying In A Kennel Is Less Stressful Than Being Home Alone

To be honest, the majority of Kitties are homebodies. It is true that staying at a cattery can be stressful, particularly at first.  It’s safe to say that Fluffy most likely would prefer to be with you at home. 

However, being home alone for extended periods of time may also be incredibly stressful for her.

Finding the right kennel and staying with it can be highly useful. The more familiar your pet becomes with her temporary home, the less distressed she will be when you take her there. After a few stays, Fluffy will realize she is only going to be somewhere else for a few days.

We also strive to make our cat boarding facilities both comfortable and enjoyable for our feline guests. If you are concerned that your pet will be sad or lonely, you might arrange for her to have additional cuddles or playtime.

You Get An Adorable Reunion

Seeing how delighted dogs are when their owners arrive to pick them up is always cute. Our feline friends are likewise thrilled to see their owners and return home. 

Of course, some of them express it differently. Fluffy may be quite vocal and cuddly when you bring her home. She may want to inform you about her visit, chastise you for leaving, or simply welcome you home. Then again, she may simply wish to return to her usual napping spot and resume her daily routine. The comfort of knowing your pet is safe during your absence is priceless, just like your cat’s loving purrs.

Conclusion: Although cats are independent, they do need daily care and attention. Boarding is a safer option for your feline friend’s care when you are out of town or unavailable. Your pet will be cared for by professionals in a safe, comfortable, and secure environment.

Book Boarding at Our San Antonio, TX Cat Hotel

Do you wish to schedule an appointment for your kitty friend? Do you need to book boarding at our San Antonio, TX boarding kennel? You can contact us at any time or through our web form. We take pleasure in offering a secure, clean, pleasant pet boarding experience and treating our beloved charges like four-legged royalty!

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