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Ice Cream For Kitties

Does your kitty have a sweet tooth? Fluffy isn’t supposed to be able to taste sweetness, but she apparently never got that memo. Quite a few of our feline patients love eating things like cake, cookies, and doughnuts. It’s best…

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Protecting Fido From Rattlesnakes

Summer in Texas can be brutally hot. While people may have divided opinions about the heat, Texas’ slithering denizens are all about it. Although rattlesnake encounters are most common during their mating season, which is February and March, they can…

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Degu Care 101

Are you considering adopting a degu? Native to Chile, these cute little furballs are becoming quite popular. Chatty and adorable, degus can live up to nine years with good care. A San Antonio, TX vet discusses degu care below. Temperament…

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Cold Treats For Cats

Summers can be scorchers here in Texas, and it’s looking like this year may be a particularly hot one. As the weather heats up, it’s important to take steps to keep your feline friend cool. Kitties can overheat very quickly…

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Adopting A Shelter Pet

Did you know that April 30th is Adopt A Shelter Pet Day? We’re always happy when shelter pets get adopted. Fido and FLuffy really only want someone to love them and care for them! A local San Antonio, TX vet…

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Easter Kitty Care

Easter is next Sunday! We know many of you will be gathering with your loved ones to celebrate the spring holiday with traditional foods and festivities. For those of you with kitties, it’s probably safe to say that your feline…

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