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Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Car

June 15, 2019

Does your dog love going on car rides with you? Many of our canine patients jump for joy when they hear that telltale jingle of car keys. Just be sure to put your pup’s health and well-being first when you take him out and about. Read on as a local San Antonio, TX vet offers tips on keeping Fido safe in the car.

Keep Fido Crated

We strongly recommend keeping dogs crated for travel. It’s much safer for both of you! You will need to do some training, first, to make sure Fido sees his crate as a comfy den, and not a doggy jail cell. This is well worth the effort! You’ll also see other products for doggy travel, such as hammocks, pet seat belts, and barriers. These may be comfortable and/or convenient, but many of them offer little or no protection in case of an accident. Do plenty of research before shopping.

No Window

We know, many dogs love putting their heads out the window. This can be pretty cute to watch. However, it’s really not safe. Your pooch could easily get dust or insects in his eyes, ears, nose, or mouth. Plus, he would be extremely vulnerable in case of an accident. Fido could also step on the window control, and accidentally open or close the window. Needless to say, that could be very dangerous.

Make Pit Stops

This one of course mainly applies to longer trips. Make sure to stop every few hours so Fido can relive himself and stretch his legs.

Avoid Carsickness

Just like people, dogs can be susceptible to carsickness. Don’t feed your pup just before going somewhere, and definitely don’t feed him while you are driving. If your canine pal seems thirsty, stop and get out when you give him water. Also, keep the A/C on, and crack a window.

Never Leave Fido Unsupervised

We can’t repeat this one enough. Never ever leave your dog in a car by himself. It’s extremely dangerous! Temperatures can reach deadly levels inside vehicles in just a few minutes. If Fido can’t go inside with you at your destination, leave him safe and sound at home.

Please reach out to us, your San Antonio, TX vet clinic, for all your pup’s veterinary care needs. We’re dedicated to keeping your pet happy and healthy, and keeping that cute tail wagging.

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