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Doghouse Repair Month

July 1, 2019

July is Doghouse Repair Month! Although dogs are safer, healthier, and happier living indoors, they do enjoy having their own little homes. If your four-legged buddy has a doghouse, this is a great time to give it a good cleaning and make sure it’s still in good shape. A San Antonio, TX vet offers some tips on how to do that in this article.

Choosing Doghouses

Usually, when it comes to pet habitats, we always say that bigger is better. Doghouses and crates are both exceptions to this rule. Fido should think of his doghouse as a cozy little den. If it’s too big, it won’t feel as safe to him. He’ll also be more likely to soil it.


Ideally, Fido’s doghouse should be in a shady area. If you can, point the door opening towards the direction of prevailing winds, so your pooch will get a bit of a breeze.


While it’s important to make sure that your furry best friend has a comfy bed to sleep in, a doghouse isn’t really a good spot for thick bedding. In fact, beds will quickly attract rodents, fleas, and other pets. Use carpeting or thick mats instead.


Your pup’s doghouse should be raised up off the ground a bit. This will help keep rain out. It will also help keep some (though not all) critters out.

Washing The Doghouse

Your canine companion’s doghouse could probably use a good cleaning. If you use soap, opt for an unscented, non-toxic one.


Take a good look at your furry pal’s doghouse. Look for and address anything that could cause injuries, like splinters, rough edges, and/or exposed nails or screws.


Why not give your canine buddy’s doghouse a pupgrade? If you paint it, use a non-toxic paint, just in case your pet tries to eat his home. You can even add a little doggy deck, or put some pet-safe plants around it. Fido would likely also appreciate having a sandbox to bury things in, or a kiddie pool to splash around in on hot days.


It isn’t uncommon for spiders and other critters to take up residence in doghouses. Check your dog’s outdoor home regularly, and make sure he doesn’t have any uninvited visitors!

Please contact us, your local San Antonio, TX vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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