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Adopting a Shelter Cat: The First 30 Days

June 1, 2019

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! If you’ve given a shelter kitty a new home, you certainly have our support. We love seeing cats get second chances! Big changes can be hard on Fluffy, however, so you want to give your kitty time to adjust. Here, a San Antonio, TX vet offers tips on helping your furball get settled.


Make sure you have everything your feline friend will need. Your shopping list should include bedding, dishes, a carrier, toys, treats, and food. A litterbox and litter are also necessary. If you have a kitten, avoid clay or clumping litters for now. Senior cats, on the other hand, will find it easier to get in and out of a litterbox with low walls. We also recommend getting some cat furniture and a good scratching post.

Veterinary Care

Most shelter pets have been fixed, which is one benefit of adopting from shelters. However, Fluffy will still need an exam. You’ll also want to make sure that she is current on her vaccinations and parasite control. If your feline pal hasn’t been microchipped, get this done as well. This is also a great time to get some professional feedback on your kitty’s diet and care needs!

Settling In

Put your kitty’s things in a quiet back room at first. This will give her a safe, comfortable spot to settle in. You may want to leave a radio or TV playing softly. Keep in mind that first impressions are very, very important to cats. If you have other pets, introduce your furry pals slowly, over the course of several days. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Purr Activation

Cats are all different. Some kitties will hop right into your lap on Day One, purring and demanding attention. Others are more timid, and may hide or run away when you approach. Let your feline buddy take the lead. Talk to her and play with her, but don’t pick her up if she seems wary. You should never force attention on a cat, no matter how adorable you think she is. Offering your pet toys and treats will help win her trust. Kitties can get very attached to their humans, but that beautiful bond needs time to grow.

Please reach out to us, your local San Antonio, TX vet clinic, anytime. We are here to help!

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