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Signs of Illness in Cats

September 1, 2015

Do you have a kitty? Part of being a responsible cat owner is recognizing signs of sickness, and taking your cat to the vet immediately. This can be a bit tricky with our feline friends. Because cats tend to mask signs of sickness or weakness, you may not realize your kitty is sick until she’s very ill. A local San Antonio, TX lists some signs of illness in cats below.

Litter Box Issues

If Fluffy stops using the litter box, or if you notice a change in the amount, odor, color, or consistency of her waste, she may be ill. Straining to urinate can be an indication of a serious medical emergency, so if you notice your feline pal having difficulty urinating, call us immediately.


This one can be a bit tricky, as kitties often enjoy napping in quiet, out-of-the-way spots. If your furball doesn’t want to emerge from her hiding spot, however, she may be ill.

Change In Appetite

Any time an animal loses interest in food, it’s a red flag. While kitties are known to be fussy, a healthy cat will at least show interest in her food, even if she’s finicky. A cat that stops eating, on the other hand, could be ill. An increase in appetite can also indicate sickness in kitties.

Poor Grooming

Our feline friends are very dedicated to keeping up on their beauty regimens. Just like people, cats don’t always feel up to going through their beauty rituals when they’re sick. If Fluffy’s fur looks matted, greasy, or unkempt, she could be sick.


Vomiting is another sign of illness in felines. While the occasional hairball is, unfortunately, par for the course with cats, regular vomiting can be an indication of sickness.

Change In Behavior

Any unusual or uncharacteristic behavior in your kitty can be an indication of illness. A cuddly cat that suddenly becomes aggressive, for instance, could be sick. Cats often vocalize differently when they are ill. A talkative furball that suddenly becomes unusually quiet, or a reserved feline that starts yowling, could be sick.

These are just a few symptoms of illness in kitties. Fever, lethargy, dizziness, and trembling can also be signs of illness in our feline pals. If your furball is displaying any of these symptoms, or just doesn’t seem like herself, contact us, your local San Antonio, TX vet clinic, immediately.

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