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How to Keep Your Bunny Entertained… And Out of Mischief

August 15, 2015

Do you have a pet bunny? These little furballs are almost unbearably cute. They also can be quite a handful! Bunnies are both intelligent and curious, which makes for a pet that enjoys exploring. They also need to chew frequently to keep their teeth from overgrowing. Put these traits together, and you have an adorable pet with a knack for getting into mischief! Below, a North Central San Antonio, TX veterinarian offers tips on keeping Floppy amused, and out of trouble.


Make sure to provide Floppy with plenty of suitable toys. Bunnies need lots of chewable playthings. You can buy bunny toys, or make your own. Wood, wicker, straw, cardboard and paper can all be upcycled into great rabbit toys. Look online for great DIY toy ideas.

Foraging Toys

Bunnies love to play, and they also love to nibble. Incorporate fresh treats into some of Floppy’s playthings. Try hanging a string of twine between chairs, and then hang bunny safe veggies from it with clothespins. Or, simply stuff a paper grocery bag with hay. The options are endless!


Floppy needs time outside of her cage each day. To make her free time more fun, consider setting up a little obstacle course. You can use an Ottoman, boxes, or kitty tunnels. Remember to spend some quality time with your pet when she’s out of her cage. Play with her, pet her, groom her, and, if she likes to snuggle, let her snooze on your lap.


Bunnies are quite capable of learning what they should and shouldn’t chew. These little furballs can be stubborn, so it may take time and patience to teach your pet good habits. When Floppy chews something she shouldn’t, don’t punish her: this may only make her angry, and could lead to behavioral issues. Instead, simply tell her ‘No’ and offer a more acceptable plaything.


Before letting Floppy out to play, you’ll need to bunnyproof your home. Use protective coverings on baseboards, wires, furniture legs, and carpet. Remove dangerous items, such as toxic plants, medicine, household chemicals, such as cleaning agents, plastic bags, and anything that could hurt your pet if swallowed. You’ll also want to block off empty spaces beneath furniture and behind your cabinets.

Do you have questions about rabbit care? We can help! Contact us, your North Central San Antonio, TX veterinary clinic, anytime.

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