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2022 Resolutions For Cats

January 1, 2022

Happy New Year! Our feline patients run on their own schedules and calendars: Fluffy will be celebrating the new year tomorrow, on January 2nd, which is Mew Year’s Day. If you’ve made resolutions, it’s probably safe to say that your cat will supervise you carefully as you work to achieve them. Actually, your kitty may have a few of her own goals for 2022. A local San Antonio, TX vet lists some of them below.

Improve Napping Times

Did you know that cats sleep more than almost any other animal on the planet? Only a few types of bats and possums—and some human teenagers—spend more time snoozing. Fluffy may want to level up from 13 daily naps to 20 or more. She may also strive to seek out new napping spots, or perhaps master some new positions.

Finish Training The Human

Meowpulation is a very important kitty skill! Does your furball have you trained to pet her or pick her up on demand? If not, that may very well be on Fluffy’s agenda for the coming year.

Conquer New Boxes

While Fluffy may slow down over time, she’ll never really outgrow her love of boxes. One surefire way to keep your cat’s little motor going this year is to regularly provide her with boxes to look adorable in. Paper grocery bags are also pretty popular with our feline pals. Just cut the handles off, to ensure that your furry buddy can’t get stuck.

Work On Fur Placement

One of Fluffy’s most important kitty duties is to make sure that she leaves just the right amount of fur on your clothes and furniture. Your dutiful little pet may try to work on spreading her hair around more evenly in 2022.

Help Human Relax

We may like to joke about how cold and calculating cats are, but in truth they are very sweet and lovable. (Fluffy may show her affection in some odd ways, but that’s beside the point.) Your feline friend may spend a chunk of 2022 on your lap or at your feet, and she’ll probably put plenty of smiles on your face. The love and laughter these little furballs bring into our lives is truly special!

All of us here at North Star Animal Hospital, your local San Antonio, TX pet clinic, wish you a wonderful new year. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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