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Resocializing Fido After COVID

July 1, 2021

Things are starting to go back to normal for many people, after a very, very long year of lockdowns and quarantines. Of course, many of our furry patients were thrilled to have their humans around more than usual. However, as people head back to the office and resume their normal lives, pets are going to have to adjust. A local Castle Hills, TX vet offers some tips for helping your canine buddy cope with the change below.

Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare is becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. Our canine companions are pack animals at heart, and they often get distressed at being left alone. Doggy daycare is a great way to keep Fido happy and entertained: he can play with his pals while you’re at work!

Puppy Playdates

Another option is to host some puppy playdates. Invite friends or family members with gentle, well-behaved dogs over. Offer your four-legged guests toys and treats, and give them a kiddie pool to splash around in. This can make for great memories and photos! Safety first, though: make sure that all of Fido’s buddies are fixed and current on their vaccines and parasite control.

Park Trips

Going to the park is another great way to help your pooch get back out into the world. Just take a few minutes to observe the pups in the park before letting your furry friend go. Unfortunately, not all dogs play well with others. If you see any aggressive behavior, take Fido for a walk instead, and try again later.

Dining Out

Pet-friendly cafes and restaurants have become quite popular. This is a great way to let Fido take in new faces and places! It also gives you a great chance to catch up with friends. Just pay attention to the temperature. Your pup will be both safer and more comfortable staying home when it’s really hot out.

Separation Anxiety

As mentioned above, many dogs get lonely and upset when left alone. They sometimes express this in destructive ways, such as chewing or digging. If you come home to find that Fido has acted up, don’t punish him. Instead, focus on keeping him occupied. Provide lots of toys, and tire him out with walks and play sessions.

Is your pup due for a checkup? Do you want to learn more about doggy daycare? Contact us, your Castle Hills, TX veterinary clinic!

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