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Bunnyproofing Tips

October 1, 2019

Have you recently decided to adopt a pet bunny? Congratulations! Floppy is a super cute little pet, and she’s bound to melt your heart with her adorable face. Most rabbits spend a lot of time in their cages, but they shouldn’t be confined all the time. Your furry pal will need several hours of free time every day. However, you’ll need to make your home safe for your bunny before you let her out to play. A Castle Hills, TX vet offers tips on how to do that in this article.

Small/Sharp Objects

Anything small or sharp is a definite concern. This list includes things like beads, buttons, coins, pen caps, jewelry, craft kit pieces, pencils, safety pins, sewing kits, and fishing tackle. Keep these things away from your cute little pet!

Baseboards/Furniture Legs

Rabbits have open-rooted teeth, so they must chew constantly to keep those little choppers from overgrowing. In the wild, they often nibble on tough roots and plants. In your home, baseboards and furniture legs are often their first choice. Use taste deterrents and/or protective coverings to protect your things. Flexible tubing also works for furniture legs.

Bunny-Sized Holes

Floppy is very curious, and loves to investigate small spaces. Seal off any openings behind or beneath cabinets, beds, couches, and other furniture. An easy way to block the areas under beds is to place clear storage totes there. Keep in mind that bunnies like to jump. You may want to use baby gates to keep your pet from leaving or entering certain rooms.


Wires and cords are another concern. You definitely don’t want Floppy chewing on a live wire, or getting entangled in a drape cord! Taste deterrents and/or protective coverings are the way to go here.

Toxic Items

Bunnies love to nibble on plants. Make sure your home only contains plants that are safe for your furball! You’ll also want to secure any medicines and/or chemicals you have around. This includes things like fertilizer, pesticides, cleaning agents, paint, automotive products, and detergents.


Floppy has been known to tear into carpets. You may want to put mats down when your pet is out and about. Another option is to bunnyproof a certain area or room, and keep your furry pal in that area.

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