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Keeping Kitty Cool

May 1, 2019

Summer isn’t far off. Whether you love the heat, or just tolerate it, chances are your feline friend probably isn’t a very big fan of it. Actually, overheating can be quite dangerous to cats. Fluffy doesn’t have a very efficient cooling system. The only way she can regulate her temperature is by panting, which isn’t as effective for kitties as it is for dogs. She can also only sweat through her paw pads. Therefore, it’s important for you to keep your furball cool and comfy in summer. Here, a Castle Hills, TX vet offers advice on how to do that.


First things first. Make sure Fluffy always has plenty of fresh, cool water. On hot days, drop an ice cube into her bowl.


Dead fur and dander can be hot and itchy. Plus, they interfere with the insulating properties of Fluffy’s pretty coat. Brushing your cat regularly will help keep her comfy. Offer her treats and praise after, so she knows she’s being pampered.


Kitties’ sensitive paw pads help them regulate their temperature. One fun way for Fluffy to cool off is by batting an ice cube around.


Who doesn’t like a cool treat on a hot day? Give Fluffy some chilled sodium free broth or kitty milk. She may also like her dinner cold. Try keeping the cat food in the fridge.

Kitty Hammock

Here’s an easy way to make your furball a comfy hammock. Get an end table with four legs, and a piece of sturdy material. Cut the material so that it’s a bit smaller than the tabletop. Then, attach the corners to the table legs. Done!


Most cats spend a lot of time in their beds. Why not point a fan at Fluffy’s bed? Just make sure she can’t knock it over.

Keep Kitty In

When temperatures soar, keep your feline buddy inside, in climate-controlled areas. We also advise giving your furball the run of the house, if possible. As we all know, cats are very, very good at making themselves comfortable. Your kitty will probably seek out the coolest spot in the house. Don’t be surprised if Fluffy sprawls out in the middle of the kitchen floor: tile usually stay s cool, so this may actually be quite comfy.

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