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Respect Your Cat Day

March 15, 2019

March 28th is Respect Your Cat Day! How does one properly respect a cat? Given the option, Fluffy may insist on a throne of her own, complete with soft blankets and sunbeams. Or, she may want catwalks installed in every room. Our feline pals may also expect servants available to do their bidding at all times. However, we’re guessing these scenarios are a bit unrealistic for most of you. Here, a local San Antonio, TX vet discusses some more feasible ways to show your cat respect.


Cats are independent, but they do need good care to thrive. Providing Fluffy with good food, a clean litterbox, fresh water, and proper veterinary care will cover the basics. Your furball will also need some toys, a scratching post, and a few comfy beds. Kitty furniture is also a good thing for our feline buddies to have.


Kitties all have their own unique purrsonalities. Some are very timid, and don’t like to be held or petted much. Others are furry little cuddlebugs that want attention 24/7. Let Fluffy decide if and when it’s time to snuggle. Never force attention on your cat. If your feline friend is more aloof, just talk to her and play with her. This will help her feel loved and safe.


Kitties are adorable, but they can also be, well, a bit mischievous. Fluffy may scratch up your sofa or knock your drink off the coffee table. Don’t punish your pet for these mishaps! This will only make her feel scared, confused, and/or anxious. Focus on rewarding good behavior instead.

Emergency Care

Cats often try to mask signs of sickness, so it’s important for you to watch for symptoms of illness. Some common ones are hiding, poor grooming, reduced appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea. If you know or suspect that your kitty isn’t feeling well, call your vet right away!


The best way to respect your feline overlord is to just make sure she feels loved, safe, and perhaps a bit pampered. Pay lots of attention to your furball, and keep her comfort in mind. Small touches—like leaving a light on when you’ll be out after dark—can really go a long way in keeping your kitty’s motor running.

Please reach out to us if we can ever be of assistance. As your San Antonio, TX vet clinic, we’re here to help!

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