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Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

January 15, 2019

January 22nd is one of the cutest holidays ever: it’s Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! If your cat could voice her questions, what do you think she would be most curious about? A local Castle Hills, TX vet makes a few educated guesses in this article.

Why Do You Keep Moving Me?

You’ve probably noticed that cats are extremely tired. You wouldn’t think that doing nothing would be so exhausting, but apparently it is. Fluffy often seeks out warm napping spots … like on top of her humans’ computers or in their fresh laundry.

Why Are You Laughing At Me?

There are many reasons to love cats, but one of our favorites is the fact that they are often absolutely hilarious. It’s almost impossible not to giggle when Fluffy is having fun with catnip, meowing at you, or just sleeping in an odd spot or position.

Why Don’t You Feed Me On Demand?

While some kitties are rather finicky, others are very, very enthusiastic about food. If you feed your cat every time she meows at you, you may soon find yourself with a furry little butterball on your hands!

Why Can’t I Go Outside?

Kitties are much safer staying indoors, where they are safe from cars, weather, predators, and other hazards. However, your pet may not see it that way. She just wants to roll around in the yard and chase butterflies!

Why Aren’t You Happy With My Present?

Speaking of keeping cats inside, our feline pals’ hunting prowess is one reason to curb their outdoor adventures. When we first became friends with kitties, we treasured them for their ability to keep rodents out of our barns and granaries. That isn’t as much of a concern these days, except perhaps for farmers. However, Fluffy apparently missed that memo.

What Are Those Noises? Is There A Monster In The Kitchen?

Have you ever dropped a pan around your cat? Chances are, your furball made a beeline for her favorite hiding spot. Kitties tend to like their domains nice and quiet, and often get quite rattled by loud noises.

Why Are You Making Me Go In The Car?

Proper veterinary care is very important to your kitty’s health. Regardless, Fluffy would rather be napping.

Please contact us, your Castle Hills, TX vet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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