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Signs of Illness in Bunnies

September 15, 2018

Do you have a bunny? Floppy is a very cute and lovable pet! Like any other animal, rabbits are susceptible to illness or disease. Therefore, it’s important for you to keep an eye out for warning signs. A Castle Hills, TX vet lists some common ones below.

Strange Postures

If Floppy is in pain, she may sit in a stiff, hunched position. Sometimes bunnies press their tummies into the floor when they don’t feel well. Your pet may also lay on her side, though this alone isn’t always a cause for concern: some rabbits just find this position comfortable.


Bunnies often grind their teeth when they are in pain. This is often indicative of dental trouble. Floppy may also vocalize if she doesn’t feel well.

Changes In Waste

Keep a close eye out for changes in your pet’s waste. If you notice anything unusual about the size, shape, amount, smell, color, or texture of Floppy’s waste, call your vet. Diarrhea and constipation are also red flags, and are both very dangerous in bunnies.

Poor Grooming

A dull, matted, or greasy coat is often an indication that a rabbit isn’t feeling well. Healthy bunnies have soft, fluffy fur.

Change In Appetite

A lack of appetite is almost always a red flag in our animal companions. With bunnies, changes in appetites are often a sign of painful dental issues. If Floppy’s teeth hurt, she may also chew on one side of her mouth, drop food, or ignore everything but her favorite snacks. Drooling is another warning sign in our furry buddies. Swelling around the face or mouth are also causes for concern.

Uncharacteristic Behavior

Bunnies all have their own personalities. Watch for changes in the way Floppy plays, acts, or moves. For instance, a friendly pet that suddenly becomes withdrawn may be sick.


Strange gaits, limping, staggering, and stiffness are all red flags that something isn’t right. If your furball doesn’t seem as agile or mobile as usual, she could be sick.

Respiratory Issues

Coughing, wheezing, sneezing, and difficulty breathing can all be indicative of illness in rabbits. Discharge from the nose or eyes are also warning signs, as is a runny nose.

If you see any of these warning signs in your pet bunny, call us, your local Castle Hills, TX vet clinic, immediately. The sooner an issue is diagnosed and treated, the better!

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