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Happy Healthy Cat Month

September 1, 2018

September is Happy, Healthy Cat Month! Of course, for some of us, every month is Happy Healthy Cat Month. We strongly believe that kitties deserve to be pampered and content all year long! That said, this is a great time to offer advice on keeping Fluffy purring. A San Antonio, TX vet discusses cat care below.


Good food is crucial to your kitty’s health! Offer Fluffy a nourishing, high-quality brand. Treats are fine, but don’t let your furball convince you to overindulge her. If your cat becomes obese, she could face some very serious health issues!


One reason cats are such easy keepers is the fact that they will use their purrsonal powder rooms to discretely do their business. Keep Fluffy’s bathroom clean by scooping it daily and changing the litter every week.


Never underestimate Fluffy’s ability to get into trouble. Keep your furry little adventurer inside, where she is safe from cars, predators, weather, and other hazards. Some basic kittyproofing is also a good idea. Remove or secure potentially-dangerous items, such as small or sharp objects, plastic bags and ties, toxic plants, chemicals, and medication.

Veterinary Care

Although Fluffy would rather take another nap than visit us, she’ll both look and feel better with proper veterinary care. We recommend that kitties be microchipped, spayed or neutered, and kept current on exams, vaccinations, and parasite control.

Kitty Comforts

Small touches can keep Fluffy happy and comfortable. Set out lots of comfy beds and napping spots, and get your kitty some pieces of pet furniture, such as a cat tower, that were made just for her. A scratching post is also a must. If you leave your furball home alone, keep a light on and a radio playing. That way, your pet isn’t stuck at home in a dark, quiet house.


Playing is really fun for Fluffy, but it’s also very beneficial for her. Fun play sessions will keep her active, prevent kitty boredom, and offer her beneficial mental stimulation. Offer your furry buddy lots of toys, and play with her regularly.


Cats are always happiest when they feel loved and safe. Pay lots of attention to your feline pal. Kitty purrs are truly precious gifts in our book!

Please contact us, your local San Antonio, TX vet clinic, if ever we can be of assistance. We are always happy to help!

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