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How to Create a Catio

October 15, 2017

Does your kitty go outdoors? If so, we recommend curbing Fluffy’s outdoor privileges and making her into an indoor pet. Although your cat may enjoy fun outdoor sports, like leaving pawprints on your car and refusing to come when you call her, she will be much better off living inside, where she is safe from cars, weather, wild animals, and other hazards. However, you can still give your pet a taste of nature by turning a sunroom or patio into a catio. Read on as a San Antonio, TX vet offers advice on creating a catio.


Kitties often love to peek out from behind green leaves and pretend that they are ferocious predators. Of course, your playful pet may only be hunting a catnip mouse or your fuzzy slippers, but that’s beside the point. Set out some pet-safe plants for your furball to nibble on. Some good options are Spider plants, Cast Iron plants, Money trees, Areca palms, and Boston ferns. Catnip and cat grass are also great choices. (Tip: upcycle an old litterbox by planting cat grass in it. Your kitty will have a living mat to look smug on.) You can find a full list of nontoxic plants at the ASPCA website.


Kitties love watching birds and squirrels. Make sure your catio offers a good view, so Fluffy can relax and spy on local wildlife. Putting a birdfeeder in your furball’s line of sight will bring extra purrs!


Playing is not only fun for our feline friends, it’s also great for them. Set out lots of fun toys for Fluffy to pounce on, and take time to play with her every day. Your kitty may also enjoy a pet fountain, catnip bubbles, little balls, and/or robotic mice.


No catio is complete without some cat furniture. Beds are a must, of course. A cat tower is another great option. You don’t have to break the bank buying pet furniture, however. You can make a cat tower by repurposing an old stepladder, bookshelf, or storage rack. Just add planks to make kitty lounging spots, and cover the whole thing in carpet or sisal rope. Cat shelves and window seats are also easy to make.

Do you have questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care? We’re here to help! Please contact us, your San Antonio, TX animal clinic, today!

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