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Fun Games You Can Play While Walking Your Dog

September 1, 2017

Do you walk your dog every day? If so, that’s wonderful! While walking Fido may be mandatory for those in apartments, it’s also very beneficial for people—and pooches—with yards. Daily walks keep our canine pals active, and offer them beneficial mental stimulation. However, if you and your pet walk the same route every day, you may want to add a little fun to your walks. Here, a San Antonio, TX vet lists some fun games you can play while walking your pooch.

Red Light Green Light

It’s easy to put a pet-friendly twist on this classic childhood game. Just change out the traditional commands to ‘Stop’ and ‘Go.’ This is also a great way to work on Fido’s training!

Search For Treasure

Bring some small treats with you, like pieces of kibble. As you are walking, drop one on the ground now and then. (Make sure Fido doesn’t see you do this.) Then, tell your pooch to ‘Find his treat.’ Instant tail wags!


Teach Fido to move from your right side to your left when you say ‘Switch.’ This is a fun way to keep your pet focused on you, instead of the neighbor’s cat or that frisky squirrel in the nearby tree!

Speed Up! Slow Down

Another thing you can do is vary your pace. This is a great way to get a mini workout in! Start at a normal, easy pace. Then, tell Fido ‘Speed up’ and start going faster. After a few minutes, say ‘Slow Down’ and reduce your speed. Just be sure not to tire your canine buddy out!

Obstacle Course

If you have room in your yard, set up a doggy obstacle course. You can use a picnic table, ramps, or anything else Fido can fit on or under. Go around the course before heading back inside.


Reinforcing your pet’s training can be both fun and beneficial. Every now and then, suddenly change directions, and start walking the other way. This works best if you have a long leash, and are in a park or grassy area, where Fido can’t run into traffic. When your pet starts running towards you, tell him to Come, and reward him with treats and praise.

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