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How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Your Furniture

April 15, 2016

Is your cat using your favorite armchair as a manicure station? Kitties may be absolutely adorable, but their nail care habits don’t always go over very well with their humans. We can help! Below, a local Castle Hills, TX vet offers some advice on teaching Fluffy better manicure habits.

Why Kitties Scratch

Your furry friend isn’t deliberately trying to ruin your sofa. Cats are instinctively driven to take care of their nails, and with good reason. In the wild, those sharp little claws are crucial to our feline friends’ survival. Kitties use their claws for climbing trees to escape dangerous predators, and also for hunting and defense. Of course, Fluffy may only be climbing her kitty tower, and is ‘hunting’ a catnip mouse, but she’ll still naturally want to keep her nails sharp.

Manicure Stations

If you want Fluffy to stop scratching your furniture, you’ll need to offer her some other options. A cat tower is ideal, because, in addition to giving your furball a suitable nail care station, it will offer her a jungle gym and a napping spot. You can also give your kitty a scratching post or board. Just be sure to choose something that is sturdy, so it doesn’t wobble or fall over. It should also be tall enough to allow Fluffy to stretch out to her full length.

Discouraging Bad Habits

Never punish your feline buddy for scratching. Kitties don’t understand punishment, so this may just make your furball feel anxious, angry, or scared. You’ll need to use a bit of tact when correcting your pet’s bad habits. Try putting clear, two-sided tape down on areas Fluffy is scratching. Also, encourage your furry pal to use her manicure station by offering her toys and treats near it, and complimenting her when she uses it. Cats love compliments!

Last Resorts

No luck? Consider clipping your furball’s nails. This won’t hurt Fluffy, and her claws will soon grow back. You can also try claw caps, which are temporary fake nails with rounded tips. You can glue these over your feline friend’s claws to keep her from ruining your things. Your furry little diva can even wear fashionable colors like pink or red! Ask your vet for recommendations.

Do you have questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Castle Hills, TX animal clinic, today!

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