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Common Myths About Dog Care

March 15, 2015

Man’s Best Friend has stood by our side for thousands of years. While we’ve gotten to know our canine friends pretty well in that time, there are still a lot of misconceptions about our canine pals. In this article, your North Central San Antonio veterinarian discusses some of the most common myths about dog care.

Dogs Love Bones

Technically, this may be correct, but bones can be very dangerous for our canine friends! Cooked bones and chicken or turkey bones are especially dangerous, because they can splinter, which can really hurt poor Fido. Use rawhide treats or chew toys to satisfy your canine pal’s chewing habits.

Dogs Are Happy Living Outside

A dog that lives entirely outdoors is bound to suffer from loneliness and depression, not to mention the discomfort of always dealing with weather elements. A dog-friendly yard is great, and in many cases a must, but Man’s Best Friend will be much happier living indoors with the family.

Fido Gets Enough Exercise In The Yard

Sure, your pooch may happily amuse himself chasing squirrels and butterflies out of the yard, but everyone needs a change of scenery now and then. Take time to bring your canine buddy to a dog-friendly park or beach on occasion, or take him hiking with you.

A Chubby Dog Is A Healthy Dog

Carrying extra pounds can be very bad for your dog’s health! Obesity can contribute or lead to many serious health issues in our canine friends, such as diabetes and heart trouble.

All Dog Foods Are The Same

Learning how to read the labels on pet foods can be tricky, but it’s definitely worth your while. High-quality pet foods will have much higher meat content and fewer fillers, while lower quality products may contain more fillers, some of which are actually bad for dogs! Feed your pooch the best quality food you can afford. Ask us for recommendations: we’re happy to assist.

Begging Is Cute

Begging is bad ‘petiquette’, which, when done successfully, often results in Fido happily chomping on fatty treats that aren’t good for him. Our canine buddies love and deserve special treats, but stick to the ones that are made for them.

Does your canine pal need veterinary care? Contact us, your North Central San Antonio vet clinic, any time. We are here to assist with all your veterinary care needs.

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