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Beating Bunny Boredom

November 1, 2023

November 12th is Animal Enrichment Day! Just like people, bunnies  need enrichment, entertainment, and stimulation. Floppy won’t be very happy just sitting in her cage all day with nothing to do. Bored bunnies are more inclined to destructive behavior. They can even become depressed, which in turn can lead to health issues, such as loss of appetite. A San Antonio, TX vet discusses keeping rabbits entertained in this article.

Free Time

It’s important for Floppy to have several hours of free time every day. Of course, you’ll need to do some careful petproofing before letting your little buddy out to play. 

Home Sweet Home

Floppy also needs toys and things to explore in her cage. Change her toys and chew toys out regularly.

Treat Toys

Food-dispensing toys are great options. There are plenty of cute and easy options for this. You can crumple up a piece of paper around a small snack, or hang leafy greens from twine strung between two chairs. Things like apple sticks, willow balls, and safe fruit branches also brighten up Floppy’s day.  

Dig Boxes

Dig boxes are very popular with rabbits, because they allow Floppy to mimic behaviors she would naturally do in the wild, such as digging and foraging. Get a cardboard box or a plastic storage tote, and fill it with safe things like shredded paper, children’s blocks, and pine cones. Your cute pet may also enjoy digging in a flattened cardboard box, or exploring empty boxes or paper grocery bags. (Note: Be sure to cut the handles first.)


Spend time with Floppy, and play with her. Some bunnies love chasing after string toys, or pushing a ball back and forth with their humans. You can even train Floppy to do some cute tricks! Brushing your bunny can also add enrichment to her day. Even just sitting quietly with your cute pet and talking to her can help keep her from getting bored.


Bunnies are small, adorable, and very, very opinionated. You may be surprised at how wildly their tastes vary. One furball may like hanging toys, while another may prefer throwing things around. Try new things, and see what your little buddy prefers. Just stick with safe toys and treats. Don’t give your rabbit anything with small parts, sharp pieces, ropes, or cords. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Please contact us, your local San Antonio, TX pet hospital, with any questions about your pet’s health or care. We’re here for you!

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