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Taking Your Dog To Daycare

October 1, 2023

Does your canine companion stay home alone while you’re at work? If so, you may want to look into doggy daycare. There are some great benefits to going this route. Fido will spend the day running and playing with his friends. He’ll get the playtime and exercise that are so important to him, rather than moping around. And, by the time you get home, he’ll probably be ready for cuddles. A local San Antonio, TX vet offers some advice on bringing Fido to school in this article.

Provide Medical Information

Any decent daycare will require certain documents, such as proof that Fido has been vaccinated for rabies, Bordetella, and Parvo. You’ll also need to provide information on any medical conditions your pup has.

Vet The Daycare

You’ll want to ask about things like emergency procedures, certifications, insurance, and safety protocols. A doggy daycare worker doesn’t need to be a veterinarian, but they should know basics, such as pet first-aid and CPR.

Check Cleanliness

Anytime there are a lot of dogs in close vicinity, there’s ample opportunity for germs to spread. Check the daycare, and make sure that it looks clean and well-kept. You may also want to ask about cleaning and disinfection routines.

Ask About Meals And Schedules

Doggy daycares may offer various options for meals. Depending on your schedule, Fido may be able to have his meals at home. However, you’ll want to find out if he gets snacks, or if they’ll give him dinner if you’re running late. It’s also just good to get an idea of what your canine buddy’s schedule is like.

Don’t Force It

Doggy daycare can be great fun for some dogs, but not all pups enjoy the experience. It really varies from dog to dog. If Fido is fearful or aggressive, he may not be a good match for daycare.

Find Out About Perks

Your canine pal may be able to enjoy a few extras while he’s at his doggy daycare. Ask about things like extra walks or playtime, or even training sessions.

Check Reviews

Any business runs the risk of a bad review from a customer that’s difficult—or even impossible—to please. If the majority of the feedback is good, then one bad score may just be a one-off. However, if the overall reception is poor, you may want to continue looking.

Are you interested in signing your furry pal up for daycare? Contact us, your local San Antonio, TX animal hospital, anytime!

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