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Tips On Bunny Bonding

January 15, 2023

Are you considering adopting Bunny #2? Rabbits can form very tight bonds with one another. However, this isn’t guaranteed. A lot will hinge on those crucial first impressions! Here, a San Antonio, TX vet offers some advice on getting your rabbits off on the right paw.

Fix Them First

Getting your bunnies fixed can help quite a bit here. Floppy and Snowball will bond more easily if there aren’t hormones involved. If possible, wait at least a few weeks after the last surgery, to ensure that hormones are out of the picture.

Pick The Right Meeting Place

Bunnies can get territorial over their homes. Floppy may feel threatened if she spots a stranger on her turf! Rabbits that are feeling defensive may urinate, chin, bite, or even mount things. Choose neutral ground. Some good examples would be a bathroom, a garage, or even a friend’s place. The main thing is to pick a spot your resident bunny hasn’t been to. 

Don’t Play Favorites

Our furry friends can be quite jealous of one another. Don’t play favorites! We know, it can be hard not to shower attention on an adorable new pet. However, you don’t want your resident bunny to feel rejected or isolated.


While sometimes bunnies do immediately become bffs, this isn’t always the case. More often, they bond over time. Arrange Floppy and Snowballs’ cages so they can see and smell each other, but have their own spaces. 

Be Patient 

Your fuzzy buddies may go through some ups and downs as they’re getting used to each other. That’s only to be expected. Give it time!

Be Prepared

While rabbits don’t usually fight, it isn’t unheard of. Be ready, just in case you have to separate your furballs. Wear thick jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, and have some thick gloves on hand. 

Supervise Them

Don’t leave your furry pals alone together until you’re sure they have bonded. Even if everything seems to be going fine, it only takes one quick spat to set progress back by days, weeks, or even months. 

Post Bonding

If all goes well, you’ll soon have two bonded bunnies. Once that happens, they really should stay together. Bunny friendships are forever!

As your San Antonio, TX animal clinic, we’re always ‘hoppy’ to help with any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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