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Pet Cleaning Hacks

October 15, 2022

Pets fill our lives and hearts with unconditional love, which is a truly special and precious gift. They also fill our homes with dust, fur, and dirt. If there were a downside to having pets, it would definitely be the extra cleaning they cause. We can help! A local San Antonio, TX vet lists some helpful hacks in this article.

Nose Print

Does Fido leave nose art on your windows as he’s watching squirrels outside? Vinegar-based cleaners work great for removing those doggy masterpieces.

Fur Removal

There’s a reason it’s called fur-niture! To get that dead hair off your upholstered things, you can use a damp sponge, dish gloves, a squeegee, or masking tape.

Keep Lint Rollers Handy

Lint rollers are a must for people whose pets shed a lot. Keep a few at home, and keep one in your car. It’s also not a bad idea to stash one at the office.

Paw For Thought

Keep pet wipes or a washcloth and spray bottle full of water near the door. That way, you can wipe your canine buddy’s feet and belly off before he comes in.

Bath Mat

Speaking of pawprints, you may want to put a bath mat outside the door Fido comes in and out of. These are made to hold up to getting wet, and the fibers can be very helpful at cleaning those furry feet. Steam mops are also good for pawprints, though they don’t work with all types of flooring.

Stain Busting

Keep enzyme-based products on hand for messes. These products contain bacteria that eat the organic matter in your pet’s waste. When their food is gone, the bacteria die off.


Need to remove pet fur from a piece of clothing? Just wipe it down with a damp washcloth. Then, toss it into the dryer for five minutes with another damp cloth.

Claw Marks

Has Fluffy been using your doorjamb as a scratching post? Use a gel-based stain to remove those claw marks.

Ain’t Got Ants

It’s always a hassle when ants find a pet’s dining station. Fortunately, there is a quick fix here. Put your pet’s bowls in a shallow bowl or pan of water. Ants can’t swim, so they’ll soon lose interest and move on.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Please feel free to contact us, your San Antonio, TX pet clinic, anytime.

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