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Benefits of Doggy Daycare

August 1, 2021

Does your canine buddy stay home while you go to work? Did your pup get used to you being home during quarantine, but is now upset at your return to the office? If the answer to either—or both—of those questions is yes, your pooch may benefit from doggy daycare. A Castle Hills, TX vet lists some benefits of sending Fido to doggy daycare below.


Playing benefits Fido in many ways: it offers him mental stimulation, keeps him active, helps him burn off those zoomies, prevents boresome, and keeps him occupied and (hopefully) out of mischief. If you send your furry bff to doggy daycare, he’ll spend the day running and playing with his buddies, rather than sitting home getting increasingly restless and bored.


Doggy daycare gives Fido a chance to interact with other dogs, which is very important for him. This is particularly crucial for puppies, as socialization is key to proper mental and emotional development. If your canine companion spent a lot of the past year at home, he may benefit from a little re-socialization as well.

Medical Monitoring

Many dogs are fine staying home while their humans go to work, as long as the shifts aren’t too long. However, this is a different issue for pups with medical issues. If Fido has any conditions or injuries that need monitoring, you may want to consider doggy daycare.

No Mess

Have you ever come home to find that your furry best friend has made a bit of a mess? Dogs are pack animals by nature, and they are very much hardwired to be in groups. Many of our canine pals get quite distressed when they are left by themselves. This is another thing you won’t have to worry about with doggy daycare! (Note: It’s worth mentioning that this type of behavior is often rooted in separation anxiety, rather than bad behavior. Ask your vet for advice on helping Fido cope.)

Cuddle-Ready Pooch

If your furry friend stays home alone, he’ll probably be more than ready for walks and playtime by the time you get home. If he’s been playing all day, however, you’ll probably find yourself with a tired pooch that wants to wind down and relax with you. How perfect is that?

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