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Preventing Dog Bites

April 1, 2021

Dog Bite Prevention Week starts April 11th. This is one area where an ounce of prevention can be worth several pounds of cure. A San Antonio, TX vet offers some tips on this below.

A  void Unfamiliar Dogs

First and foremost, you should never approach an unfamiliar dog. If you come across a cute pup in the park, or visit a friend that just got a new pooch, ask before trying to pet Fido. If you find a stray that needs help, contact a professional pet rescue.

Don’t Move Suddenly

Like most other animals, dogs have a fight-or-flight instinct. Sudden movements often alarm Fido, and can make him feel threatened or uneasy. If you find yourself facing a strange dog, don’t move quickly. Stay as still as possible, and don’t yell or run.

Avoid Mixed Signals

Your own pet probably won’t mind if you hug hum or look him in the eye. However, our canine pals often perceive these things as threats. That’s because they translate to forceful or aggressive in doggy body language.


First impressions are a big deal to Fido. It can be exciting to meet your friend or family member’s new pup. However, when meeting a new pooch, always let him sniff you before petting him, and don’t touch his head right away.

Know Fido’s Triggers

It’s important to understand that any dog can bite at any time. However, there are times when bites become more likely. For instance, dogs can get very protective or defensive when they’re eating, sleeping, hurt, or caring for puppies. Take extra precautions in these situations.

Understand Doggy Body Language

Many people don’t really understand doggy body language. It’s common knowledge that growls are a warning. However, tucking the tail, backing away, slowly wagging the tail, flattening the ears, licking the lips, and/or crouching can also be signs that a pup is feeling uneasy … and therefore a potential bite risk.

Teach Your Child

You should never leave a young child alone with a dog. Youngsters often move suddenly, and their voices can be loud and high-pitched. Small children may also accidentally provoke Fido. They may stumble over him, pull his tail, or try to get their teddy bear back from him. It’s also important to teach your child everything we’ve mentioned above.

For more information on dog care, contact us, your San Antonio, TX animal clinic, today!

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