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Spotlight on the Labrador Retriever

January 1, 2021

January 8th i s National Labrador Retriever Day! The lovable Lab is one of America’s favorite pets. In fact, the Lab won the AKC’s top spot for 29 years in a row! A San Antonio, TX vet discusses this cute pup below.


La bs fall into the medium-large range when it comes to size. Adults usually weigh between about 55 and 80 pounds. They have thick coats, which can be yellow, black, or chocolate. They also have long tails, which are often wagging. Fido will live about 10 to 12 years, and he’ll spend that time delighting in doggy activities like running, playing, and collecting belly rubs.


The Labrador’s history goes back to the 1830’s, when the 10th Earl of Home and two of his nephews brought some pups over from Newfoundland as gun dogs. As the pooches were naturals at retrieving water fowl, their descendants were bred to emphasize this trait. By the 1880’s, more nobles grew interested in developing the new breed. More adorable puppies continued the bloodline. The Labrador Retriever was received (or, more likely, bounded joyfully) into the ranks of the AKC in 1917, as a sporting breed.


While the Labrador is a beloved pet, its obedient, affable temperament and eagerness to please has also made it a favorite working dog. Labrador Retrievers hold a variety of jobs, and can be found working as assistance dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, and in screening and detection. (They’re also great fishing dogs, though that skill isn’t quite as sought after these days.)


If you’ve ever met a Lab—and chances are, you probably have—you probably already know why they’re so popular. Labs are adorable, loyal, obedient, and extrem ely friendly. They get along great with children, cats, and even the occasional bunny. Fido is also chock full of tail wags and nose boops. You couldn’t ask for a better dog!


Labs are heavy shedders, and need regular grooming. Just like any other dog, they also need nail trims and dental care. As for exercise, Fido is quite active, so he’ll need daily walks and playtime. Obedience training and proper socialization are also very important. (Doggy daycare is a great option for these guys!) Ask your vet and, if applicable, breeder, for specific care tips.

Do you have questions about caring fo  r Labrador Retrievers? Contact us, your San Antonio, TX veterinary clinic, today!

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