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8 Reasons to Be Thankful for Pocket Pets

November 1, 2020

Thanksgiving is coming up! Even–and perhaps especially–in a turbulent year like this one, it’s important to remember and celebrate the meaning of the autumn holiday: gratitude. Pets are quite high on the list of things we are appreciative of. In fact, even our tiniest animal friends enrich our lives and help turn our houses into homes. A San Antonio, TX vet shines the spotlight on some of our littlest patients in this article. 

Great For Kids

Pocket pets are often chosen as a child’s first pet, and with good reason. They’re not only small, cute, and gentle, they’re also really fun to watch and play with!

Easy Roommates

Most smaller pets are actually quite easy to care for. As long as you keep your pint-sized pal’s cage clean, you don’t have to worry about smells or noise. 


We love dogs and cats, but some of them can be, well, a bit feisty. Your pet Guinea pig won’t bowl your elderly aunt over at the door or scratch your sister’s hand.

Minimal Mess

Another plus for pocket pets? Any messes they make outside their cages will typically be small and easy to clean. Plus, they won’t cover your sofa with fur!

They Don’t Talk Back

Some of our animal friends are pretty vocal. Fluffy has no qualms about yelling at you to demand dinner, toys, or attention. As for our canine pals, some of them bark at, well, everything. Hamsters, gerbils, mice, and Guinea pigs just don’t have much to say.

No Destruction

Pocket pets don’t really have the destructive habits many larger pets do. You really don’t have to worry about your pet mouse ruining your garden or scratching up your sofa. 

Cute Photos

Hamsters, gerbils, and Guinea pigs may be very small, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make great models. In fact, our pint-sized friends take super cute pictures! Try getting a shot of your hamster in a Pilgrim hat, or of your Gerbil on a pumpkin. (Just make sure your little furball doesn’t eat his props.)

They’re Adorable

Last but certainly not least, these tiny balls of fur really are quite adorable. In fact, they somehow seem to become cuter as you get to know them!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at North Star Animal Hospital, your San Antonio, TX vet clinic. We’re here to help!

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