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Choosing Cat Furniture

October 1, 2020

As you may have noticed, cats are very, very good at getting us to pamper them. One of the best things you can do for Fluffy is to get her some kitty furniture. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your feline overlord. Here, a San Antonio, TX veterinarian discusses choosing your pet’s things. 

Multiple Cats

Do you have more than one furball? Choose pieces that will fit all your pets at once. You don’t want Fluffy and Mittens fighting over whose turn it is to use the cat tower! (An interesting aside on this: if you have multiple kitties on a cat tower, the one at the top is probably the boss cat.)


Kittens are super cute, which is why they get away with so much mischief. Your tiny ball of fur will spend lots of time playing and climbing things. A fun activity center is a great bet. Just don’t get anything too small. Little Fluffy will grow quickly, so any kitten-sized items will soon be outgrown. 

Shy Cats

Do you have a timid feline? Fluffy will probably like some pieces with enclosed areas. Kitties tend to feel safe in small spaces. Pet tents or enclosed condos are a great bet. If possible, try to give your scaredy-cat at least one thing in each room, so she always has a place to go. 

Senior Cats

If Fluffy is in or near her golden years, she may have trouble climbing and jumping like she used to. Get your furry pal comfy pieces that are low to the ground. 

Any Cat

Big cats, small cats, young cats, old cats … no matter what kind of furball you have, it’s safe to say that your feline pal will appreciate having some soft beds. It doesn’t matter if Fluffy already has a bed. Or two. Or three. Kitties never tire of finding new places to nap! 

DIY Furniture

There are also lots of DIY options. An old stepladder or book case can be turned into a cat tower, while a hard-shell suitcase or hat box can make a great kitty bed. You can also make Fluffy a hammock bed, window seat, or pet tent or tipi. This is a great kids’ project! Look online for ideas and instructions. 

Please contact us, your San Antonio, TX veterinary hospital, anytime. We’re here to help! 

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