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Grooming Your Bunny

August 1, 2020

One great thing about rabbits is the fact that they are quite clean. Floppy will groom herself regularly. However, you will need to give your little buddy a hand with her beauty rituals. A San Antonio, TX vet discusses grooming your bunny below. 


Brushing is important for a few reasons. It will remove dead fur, dust, and dander from Floppy’s coat. This will also help reduce the amount of fur she accidentally swallows. This is very important! Unlike cats, rabbits can’t expel fur they ingest by producing hairballs. Be very, very gentle, when brushing your pet. Rabbits have extremely delicate skin, which rips very easily. If you have a longhaired bunny, like an Angora, you’ll need to brush daily. Otherwise, Floppy will be fine with weekly brushings. 


When bunnies shed, they don’t mess around. A few times a year, your pet will basically blow her whole coat. She’ll need to be brushed daily during molts. (Tip: you may want to wear an apron for this.) 


You should never, ever bathe rabbits. Bunnies are very scared of water, and can be so frightened by the experience that they go into shock. If Floppy gets something spilled on her, gently lower just that part of her body into a sink or tote of lukewarm water, and swish the water to clean her. 


You’ll need to keep up with Floppy’s nail care. Long nails are actually dangerous. Not only are you more likely to get scratched, but your pet can easily get caught on things. If you’re uneasy about doing this yourself, schedule an appointment with your vet or a groomer. 


You’ll need to clean your bunny’s ears regularly. Be very gentle! Those cute ears are delicate. Never use a Q-tip, or anything else that is hard or sharp. Ask your vet for specific advice. 

Check The Bottom

We know, it sounds a bit weird, but it is important to check Floppy’s bottom. Make sure that there’s no matted or crusty fur. 


When you’re cleaning Floppy, take time to thoroughly examine her. You’ll want to look for lumps, bumps, lesions, sensitivity, redness, and any other signs of illness. Contact your vet if you notice anything amiss. Also, always give your pet a treat after her beauty session! 

Please contact us, your San Antonio, TX vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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