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Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

February 15, 2019

Does your canine pal get super excited at the thought of a yummy snack? Does Fido jump for joy when he sees you reach for a doggy treat? If so, you may want to put a paw print on your calendar for February 23rd: it’s Dog Biscuit Appreciation day! A local San Antonio, TX vet discusses dog biscuits in this article.

History of Dog Biscuits

Just in case you were wondering, the man credited with inventing the modern doggy treat is James Spratt. However, dog biscuits actually date back at least as far as the Roman Empire. (Of course, our canine companions have probably been begging much longer than that, but that’s another topic.) Here’s another interesting historical tidbit: Fido’s snacks are actually referred to as ‘horrible-tasting bread’ in early literature.

Store-Bought Treats

You can find all sorts of different dog treats in stores, and it’s probably safe to say that Fido would happily eat any of them. However, this is one area where you’ll want to go for quality over quantity. Read the labels, and opt for products with ingredients you can actually identify.

Trick For Treat

Treats can be very helpful when you are trying to train your furry pal. When working with Fido, use small snacks, like pieces of kibble. Otherwise, you may end up overfeeding your adorable student!

Giant Dog Biscuit

The biggest dog biscuit on record was about 2,000 times bigger than the average one. It weighed a whopping 617 pounds. We’re guessing there were a lot of wagging tails that day!

Homemade Goodies

Do you like cooking? If so, you can make Fido’s treats. There are lots of great recipes online. Just be sure to use only ingredients that are safe for your canine buddy. Plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry without the skin, bones, or fat is always a good choice. You can also use plain yogurt, sodium-free broth, bacon fat, bacon bits, cheese, egg, pureed pumpkin or squash, and/or natural peanut butter. Ask your vet for more information.


Unfortunately, sometimes a batch of dog biscuits is tainted, which can render them unsafe for pets to eat. It isn’t a bad idea to keep up with recalls. You can follow the latest updates on the FDA website here.

Do you have questions about your dog’s diet or care? Call us, your local San Antonio, TX vet clinic, today!

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