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7 Great Ways to Keep Your Pet Hydrated This Summer

July 1, 2018

July is Pet Hydration Month! Dehydration is a serious danger to pets in summer, especially on really hot days. Read on as a Castle Hills, TX vet offers some helpful tips on keeping your beloved pet properly hydrated.


Make sure that your four-legged friend always has plenty of cool, fresh water. If you have more than one pet, or if your home is fairly large, you may want to put water bowls in a few different places. If your furry buddy has a yard to play in, keep water outside as well.

Pet Fountains

Did you know that many pets prefer to drink running water? Your furry friend may appreciate a pet fountain. This is also a good option for kitties who like tap water.

Canned Food

One decision pet parents must make is whether to offer their furry pals wet food or just kibble. One of the benefits of wet food is that it does have higher moisture content than dry food. Every little bit helps!

Cat Milk

Contrary to popular belief, milk actually is not a safe treat for our feline pals. In fact, many cats are lactose-intolerant! However, you can get Fluffy some cat milk, which is sold in many pet stores.

Ice Cube Treats

Fido may love chomping on an ice cube on a hot day. Feel free to give him one now and then as a treat. You can also offer your pooch doggy ice cream. Or, put some pieces of kibble in an ice cube tray, pour sodium-free broth over them, and freeze.

Broth Bowl

Sodium-free broth is safe for pets. And, since many of them love it, it’s a good way to increase their water intake a bit. Offer your four-legged pal a bowl as a special treat.

Out and About

Do you like to take your dog to the park or beach, or on hiking trips? Always bring water along, both for Fido and yourself. You may want to pick up a collapsible bowl for your pup. Or, get a doggy water bottle with an attached dispenser. These are great for when you are on the go!

Does your furry companion need an exam, vaccinations, or parasite control? As your local Castle Hills, TX pet clinic, we are here to serve all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. Contact us anytime!

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