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Getting a Handle on Your Dog’s Shedding

June 1, 2017

Dog owners know that shedding is simply a part of life when it comes to their canine companions. If your dog’s shedding seems to have increased or if you think it’s getting out of control, though, it’s time to act! Your Castle Hills, TX veterinarian tells you more below.


The best and simplest way to control your dog’s shedding is by brushing them on a regular basis. Brushing your dog traps loose and dead fur in the tool itself, ultimately preventing it from landing all over your carpets, clothing, and furniture. Brushing also spreads essential skin oils through your dog’s entire coat, moisturizing it naturally to prevent hair loss initially. Talk to your veterinarian about the proper brush type for your particular dog’s type of fur.

Diet Change

Were you aware that your dog’s diet has a lot to do with his coat quality, and therefore the amount he sheds? If a dog doesn’t receive the proper fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals from food, the skin and fur health will suffer as a result. Feed your dog a premium, nutritionally balanced diet; for a recommendation, consult your veterinary professional.

Dietary Supplements

For some dogs, dietary supplements help to improve skin and fur health. Products like fish oil or coconut oil have shown results for many of our canine companions—check with your veterinarian first, though, before administering a dietary supplement to your pooch. Not all dogs need them or will benefit from them.

Visit the Vet

If you still can’t seem to get your dog’s shedding under control, it’s time to pay a visit to the vet’s office. Since various medical issues—parasites, skin infection, disease, and more—could be the root cause of an increase in shedding, it’s important to have your pet examined by the professionals. Your vet can address any problems and tell you how to best care for your dog’s coat moving forward.

For the Natural Shedders

You may find that your dog simply sheds more than others. In these cases, there isn’t much you can do to cut down on shedding, but there are steps you can take to keep your home clean. Vacuum and dust on a regular basis, and try training your dog to stay on one floor of the home to make things more manageable.

For more information on your dog’s grooming routine, call your Castle Hills, TX vet’s office today.

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