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What to Do If Your Pet Gets Lost

August 1, 2016

Did you know that every year as many as 10 million pets go missing? While we hope that all of our furry patients stay safe and sound at home, we do want to offer some tips, just in case. Below, a San Antonio, TX vet discusses what to do if your beloved pet is lost.

Start Searching Immediately

As soon as you realize your furry friend is gone, start looking. Check your attic, garage, and shed, in case your pet accidentally got locked in. Next, you’ll want to start canvassing the neighborhood. Check ditches and empty lots, in case your four-legged buddy is hurt and lying out of sight. If you can, ask your neighbors to keep an eye out as well.


Make a flyer for your missing pet. Use two photos, one taken from the front and one with a side view. Include pertinent information, such as where and when your furkid was last seen, and how to contact you. Offering a reward, even a small one, will motivate people to respond.

Signal Boost

Post your flyer on social media, and hang it around your community. Many small businesses have bulletin boards for their clients: this is a great way to spread the word. We also recommend contacting local papers and placing an ad. Last but not least, if your pet is microchipped, contact the manufacturer. You’ll want to make sure your records are up to date. Some companies also offer perks, and may even sent out missing pet alerts to a local network of veterinarians and citizens.

Check Shelters

Start checking shelters daily. We recommend checking all shelters within an hour’s drive: pets can travel fast, so your furry pal could be further off than you thought.

Don’t Give Up

There are some remarkable stories about pets being reunited with their owners months or even years after going missing. Never give up!


Make sure that your furry friend is microchipped and is wearing current ID tags. If you have a cat, keep Fluffy safe and sound indoors. If you have a dog and a yard, make sure your fencing is secure. Never let your canine buddy run around unleashed outside the yard. Proper training is also a must.

Does your pet need a microchip? Contact us, your San Antonio, TX animal clinic, today. We are here to help!

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