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5 Benefits of Keeping Your Cat Indoors

November 1, 2015

Do you let your feline friend go outdoors? If so, you may want to consider making your furry pal an indoor cat. While kitties do enjoy the chance to get some fresh air and sunlight, it’s in their own best interests to live inside. Actually, there are several benefits to keeping Fluffy indoors. In this article, a San Antonio, TX vet lists five benefits of keeping your cat inside.


First and foremost, kitties are much safer living indoors. As soon as she sets those cute little paws outside the door, Fluffy is exposed to danger from cars; wild animals; other cats; weather; chemicals, such as fertilizer; and other hazards. Outdoor cats are also much more likely to get lost or injured than indoor furballs. By keeping your furry buddy indoors, you’re definitely helping her stay healthy and safe.

Fewer Parasites

Fluffy is much more likely to pick up harmful parasites, such as fleas and ticks, if she goes outdoors. If you let your furry pal wander, there’s a good chance that she’ll bring home a few uninvited guests. While parasite prevention is always important, keeping your cat indoors will help reduce the chances of infestations even more.

Less Shedding

Cats that go outside often shed more than indoor kitties, because they’re more exposed to the seasonal weather changes that trigger shedding. Keeping Fluffy inside will reduce the amount of fur she sheds. This also will translate into fewer hairballs and less cat fur on your clothes and furniture. Talk about a win-win!

Benefit Local Wildlife

While not every cat is a ferocious little hunter, our feline friends have put quite a dent in wildlife populations. In fact, Fluffy kills up to a billion birds each year! That number doesn’t even include other small animals. Keeping your furry pal indoors will help protect fragile wildlife. Bonus: you won’t find any unsavory gifts on your porch.

No Paw Prints On Your Windshield

As most people with outdoor kitties can attest, Fluffy has a penchant for creating windshield paw art. Many people owned by cats have stepped outside to find that their artistic little furballs have left distinct paw prints all over their newly-washed cars. By keeping your cat inside, you’re also helping preserve and protect your car’s exterior!

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