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Grieving the Loss of a Pet

July 1, 2015

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is a heartbreaking, but inevitable, event in any pet owner’s life. Pets enrich our lives in many ways, and give us wonderful gifts, such as love, laughter, and loyalty. Our animal friends often outlast friendships, jobs, and relationships, staying with us through thick and thin. It’s no wonder that so many of us think of our pets as both friends and family members. Sadly, our four-legged pals have shorter lifespans than we do, so even with the best possible care, you may find yourself having to say goodbye too soon. In this article, a San Antonio, TX veterinarian offers tips on dealing with the pain of losing a pet.

Allow Yourself To Mourn

Losing a faithful and loving animal friend can be a traumatic experience, and can be just as painful as losing a beloved human friend or family member. Give yourself permission to grieve the loss of your furry buddy. Bottling up your emotions will only prolong your sorrow. Don’t feel bad about letting yourself cry: it’s healthy.


It may be difficult, but get rid of your pet’s bowls, dishes, bedding, and toys. Having these things in plain sight will provide constant and painful reminders, and delay the healing process. If you’re planning to get another pet, try to get new items too, so you can start out on a clean slate.

Give Yourself Time

It will take time for you to get over your sadness. As the days and weeks pass, you’ll stop expecting to see that cute furry face waiting for you, and it will get easier.


While no one can replace your furry friend, there are many wonderful, loving animals in need of a good home. There is no set time for how long you should wait before beginning the search for a new pet. It’s different for everyone. Just remember, your new furball will have their own endearing habits, cute mannerisms, and lovable personality.

If you’ve recently lost a four-legged friend, please accept our deepest condolences. We all understand how strong and special the bond we form with pets can be. When an animal loves you enough to leave paw prints on your heart, you’ve experienced a truly beautiful gift.

Do you have questions about caring for your pet? Call us, your San Antonio, TX veterinary clinic, for all your veterinary care needs.

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