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Frisky Felines – Cat Shaming

June 1, 2015

Kitties are wonderful animals. They’re cute, cuddly, and lovable, and put smiles on our faces with their adorable mannerisms and funny antics. Our feline friends are not always furry little angels, however. Actually, Fluffy can be quite naughty at times. This brings us to cat shaming. The internet is full of pictures of kitties posing next to handwritten signs describing their misdeeds. Some of these kitties look quite innocent, while others clearly feel no remorse! In this article, a San Antonio veterinarian lists some of the most common –and most hilarious– examples of cat shaming.

Litter Box Mishaps

Kitties are normally very diligent about using their own private bathrooms to do their business in. However, sometimes our feline friends, for various reasons, prefer to use other spots … such as their parents’ work clothes, homework, and shoes! Sometimes, medical issues are behind this behavior, so if your cat stops using the litter box, contact your vet. That said, our feline friends are not above perfectly-placed statements of revenge. One kitty peed on the family hamster!

Inappropriate Snacking

Fido is usually the one who eats things that aren’t food, right? Not always. Kitties have been shamed for eating checks, money, homework, papers, cords, headphones, and other small items. It turns out that quite a few of our feline friends are also prone to stealing our snacks when we aren’t looking. Cats have also been shamed for eating cheese, sausage, and other people food!


Fluffy’s idea of a special present often comes in the form of a small, dead, animal. Sometimes our feline friends get a little overenthusiastic. One devoted feline went so far as to drop her half-dead prey in her sleeping owner’s mouth! Not all of our feline friends are skilled hunters, though. One kitty was shamed for watching a mouse eat her food, and another furball tried to pass off roadkill as her own prey!

Miscellaneous Mischief

Many frisky furballs have been shamed for shredding toilet paper rolls. Kitties have been shamed for stealing socks and dropping them into the toilet. Another kitty somehow managed to open an urn and sneeze in Grandma’s ashes. One adorable furball was shamed for throwing up in the fish tank!

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