Wellness & Vaccinations

Could you be doing more to help keep your pet happy and healthy?

Pet wellness is about taking the necessary measures to prevent illness whenever possible and detect health problems early. When we are proactive about your companion’s care, we can more effectively manage his or her health, improving the chances of a long, happy life. At North Star Animal Hospital, we want to do everything we can to keep your pet well. It starts with a commitment to ongoing wellness care.


A Picture of Good Health

Each time you bring your pet in for a thorough exam, we are able to capture a snapshot of his or her current health. This allows us to compare our future exam results to identify subtle changes as soon as they occur. Early detection of illness means we can treat health problems in the timeliest, most effective manner. Not only can this improve the chances of a good outcome, but it’s also a much more affordable way to manage your pet’s health.


Preventing Illness Whenever Possible

Another important component of wellness care is the chance it provides to protect your pet against many common ailments. We will develop a customized plan that will be tailored for your pet based on his or her lifestyle and risk factors. This will include an individualized vaccination protocol, steps to prevent and control parasites, nutritional guidance, behavioral advice and much more. Our goal is to stay a step ahead of illness as much as possible so that your four-legged friend can enjoy a happier, healthier existence.


Establishing a Bond

Finally, routine wellness visits allow all of us at North Star Animal Hospital to get to know you and your pet better. Interacting with your loved one on a regular basis will help us forge a bond based on trust. This will make visits to the vet a more positive experience and improve the quality of our care exponentially.

You want your animal companion to enjoy a long, fulfilling life and so do we! Our wellness services are available for pets of all ages. Call today to get started!