Are you concerned that your four-legged friend may be sick or injured?

When your pet isn’t feeling well, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what’s wrong. In the absence of obvious external symptoms, recognizing and diagnosing medical issues in animals can be tricky. We like to say it’s like solving a mystery. To achieve this, we must use the right tools and technology. That’s where veterinary diagnostics come into play. These tools allow us to get the answers we need, quickly and accurately. The sooner we reach a definitive diagnosis, the better off your pet will be.


Laboratory Work

Many ailments that can affect a companion animal can be identified through laboratory testing. Whether it’s blood work, urinalysis, fecal testing or a biopsy, we can uncover the cause of your pet’s symptoms in our on-site lab. Having a diagnostic laboratory located right within our hospital speeds up the time it takes to get results. This means a faster and more effective treatment strategy for your pet. In emergency situations, this is invaluable.


Advanced Imaging

Beyond the lab, we also offer imaging services to help us diagnose illnesses and injuries without the need for surgery. For instance, we can use digital x-rays to evaluate a broken bone or locate a foreign object that has been accidentally ingested. Ultrasound technology is also available to assess the health of internal organs, particularly the heart. Both x-rays and ultrasound images can be analyzed by our doctors immediately. They can also be shared with a specialist via email if necessary.

When it comes to staying on top of your companion’s health, you can count on the team at North Star Animal Hospital. If you’re concerned that your four-legged family member may be sick or hurt in some way, don’t delay. Contact us immediately to schedule a diagnostic evaluation.