Our Careteam

Tanya was a client here at North Star Animal Hospital before she was an employee—she brought her own pets to see Dr. Youssef ever since moving to San Antonio a number of years ago. For Tanya, being able to join a team of compassionate, skilled animal-lovers just like herself was a dream come true! She’s proud to now serve as one of the hospital’s front-desk receptionists.

Tanya grew up in Laredo, Texas, and volunteered for several years there at the Laredo Animal Protective Society. It was there that she developed deep passions for fostering—she’s a member of the San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition to this day!—and animal healthcare. In July of 2016, Tanya decided to apply for a job here at North Star Animal Hospital; she was hired on the spot, and has been serving the pets and animal owners of the area ever since.

At home, Tanya enjoys the company of several pets of her own. She has three dogs—Larry, a sweet and snorty white Schnauzer; Peanut, the tan and white Chihuahua who can never get enough pets; and a vocal tricolor Chihuahua named Khaleesi—as well as three feline companions: Twinkle, a grumpy domestic shorthair, Thor the mischievous orange tabby, and the mama-cat of the group, Queen Alexandria.
Veterinary Technician
An animal owner herself, Elizabeth knows exactly how much pets mean to the families of San Antonio. She’s wanted to help improve the lives of pets for as long as she can remember! Elizabeth is proud to serve as a Veterinary Technician with the North Star Animal Hospital team.

A Houston native, Elizabeth worked in a practice there for three years following her undergraduate studies in biology and chemistry. After that, she moved here to San Antonio, where she is currently enrolled in a program to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Elizabeth joined the North Star Animal Hospital family in March of 2016, and has particular interests in radiograph diagnostics and client education. She absolutely loves imparting helpful knowledge to brand-new pet owners!

In her time away from work, Elizabeth enjoys working out in her Zumba class and spending time with her own pets at home. She lives with an Australian shepherd, Spot, who enjoys doing tricks for his daily dental treat; Sasha the Siberian husky, who can play for hours before she’s tired out; and a young Chihuahua/terrier mix named Bambi who tucks himself under the covers at night.
Veterinary Technician
Karen grew up on a farm in Oregon, where she cared for everything from cats and dogs to chickens, turkeys, cows, and pigs. She’s dreamed of working hands-on with animals ever since she was a little girl, and her passion simply never faltered. Now, Karen has enjoyed a nearly 30-year career spent helping pets live better lives through the power of veterinary medicine!

Karen first began her veterinary journey when she was only a freshman in high school. She’s been working in animal clinics ever since! Karen and her family moved to the San Antonio area back in 2002, and she joined the North Star Animal Hospital family as a Veterinary Technician in June of 2017 shortly before graduating with her Associate’s degree in business administration from Colorado Technical University that fall.

When she isn’t tending to pets’ needs here at the hospital, Karen enjoys hiking, fishing, and camping in the great outdoors and spending quality time with her family. She and her husband have a teenaged son, who stays active by playing ice hockey and roller hockey, and also share their home with five cats, a dog, and several fish!
Veterinary Technician
Her entire life, Beverly has felt herself pulled toward sick or injured animals. She’s always found joy in rehabilitating and helping creatures that no one else wanted. For her, the veterinary field was a natural fit! Beverly is a proud member of North Star Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Technician team.

Beverly was born and raised here in San Antonio, and was only a senior in high school when she first launched her journey in animal care. That’s when she started taking a veterinary technology course in school and working part-time outside of class as a Kennel Technician. Since that time, Beverly has trained in all areas of veterinary care, from the reception desk to the surgical suite. She had the pleasure of working with Dr. Youssef a number of years ago at another local hospital, and she was thrilled to join him once again at North Star Animal Hospital in February of 2018.

Medically, Beverly likes emergency care work—for her, nothing beats helping a critical patient back to a full recovery. She’s also fond of dermatology cases. Most of all, Beverly enjoys meeting the area’s pets and animal parents, and witnessing firsthand the incredible bonds that they share.

Beverly lives on her family farm outside of San Antonio with her husband, three children, and plenty of animal companions. The family has three dogs, two cats, rabbits, two horses and a donkey, a pot-bellied pig, and multiple cows and chickens!
Fabian Lara
Veterinary Technician
Fabian grew up watching his favorite Animal Planet programs on television, which inspired him to do his part to help the earth’s creatures in whatever way he could. Veterinary medicine was the perfect choice of career! Fabian is now a proud member of North Star Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Technician team.

Fabian is originally from California but grew up here in Texas, where he launched his veterinary career. He had previously worked with Dr. Youssef at another nearby clinic, and an old friend of Fabian’s that worked alongside Dr. Youssef here at North Star Animal Hospital mentioned that the clinic could use an extra hand. Fabian was more than happy to rejoin Dr. Youssef here at the hospital, and he’s been caring for the pets of San Antonio ever since!

When he isn’t tending to pets’ needs here at the hospital, Fabian enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, and especially likes visiting his father in Dallas.