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Helping a Shelter Dog Settle In

Are you planning to adopt a shelter dog soon? If so, that’s wonderful! We love seeing pups go to good homes. In this article, a San Antonio, TX discusses helping a shelter dog settle in. Supplies Before you bring Fido…

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How to Create a Catio

Does your kitty go outdoors? If so, we recommend curbing Fluffy’s outdoor privileges and making her into an indoor pet. Although your cat may enjoy fun outdoor sports, like leaving pawprints on your car and refusing to come when you…

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Fun Games You Can Play While Walking Your Dog

Do you walk your dog every day? If so, that’s wonderful! While walking Fido may be mandatory for those in apartments, it’s also very beneficial for people—and pooches—with yards. Daily walks keep our canine pals active, and offer them beneficial…

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Your Cat’s Veterinary Care Needs

Cat owners, mark your calendars: August 22nd is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day. Although it would be super cute to have an office full of kitties, we aren’t suggesting that all of our feline patients come in that…

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Common Myths About Cats

Have you ever heard that cats always land on their feet (or paws)? This is a fairly common misconception about our feline pals. Although Fluffy is good at adjusting her position during jumps, kitties do not actually always land on…

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Cute Ways to Spoil a Bunny

Have you recently adopted a bunny? Good for you! Floppy can make a very loving and adorable little pet. Bunnies are not hard to care for, but they do have some very specific needs. Read on as a local San…

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