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Keeping Pocket Pets Cool

July 15, 2021

Summer is here! At this time of year, many veterinarians and pet care professionals focus on keeping animals cool. There’s lots of information available on helping dogs, cats, and even livestock beat the heat. But what about little pets? Bunnies, Guinea pigs, and other pocket pets are also in danger of overheating in scorching weather. A Castle Hills TX vet offers some tips on this below.

Climate Control

First and foremost, keep smaller animals in rooms cooled by air conditioners. (You don’t want the room to get too cold, of course, but that’s usually a problem for Texans in summer.)

Keep Pets Out Of The Heat

Some people like to let their pocket pets explore outdoors. You might let your rabbit play in a fenced yard, or take your Guinea pig out on a leash. Curb these explorations when temperatures soar! Also, make sure your furry pal’s cage isn’t in direct sunlight.

Provide Lots Of Water

As with larger animals, having fresh water available is crucial. You might want to give your pet more than one water bottle. That way, they’ll always have water, even if one gets knocked over or emptied. One of these can be regular water, and the other one can be frozen. 

Frozen Treats

While you don’t want to give a smaller pet too many sweets, you can offer your tiny furball some chopped, frozen fruits and veggies, such as strawberries or bell peppers. Of course, every type of animal is different, so ask your vet for specific advice.

Cooling Mat

Many smaller pets may enjoy having something cool to relax on. You can also place a frozen towel in your fuzzy pal’s bed. Just don’t give them anything that could hurt them if they chew on it. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Insulation protects buildings from both heat and cold. Consider getting your pet a cooling hidey-hole that offers thicker insulation than their regular one.

Know The Warning Signs

Keep a close eye out for signs of heat exhaustion and dehydration. These vary a bit, depending on what type of pet you have. However, panting is a common red flag. Sunken eyes, lethargy, and loss of skin elasticity are also warning signs. Contact your vet right away if you notice any of these things.

As your local San Antonio, TX animal clinic, we’re here to help. Call us anytime!

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