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Choosing the Right Location for Your Hamster Cage

October 15, 2015

Have you recently decided to adopt a hamster? Congratulations! These tiny furballs make adorable little pets. One great thing about hamsters is that they are quite easy to take care of. Making sure Hammie has a comfortable, clean cage is a huge part of good hamster care. Of course, choosing Hammie’s cage and accessories is only half the battle. You’ll still need to choose the perfect spot for your tiny furball. In this article, a local San Antonio, TX veterinarian lists some things to consider when choosing a location for your hamster cage.


Temperature is one of the most important things to consider when deciding where to put a hamster cage. Hamsters must be kept in rooms that stay between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. If Hammie gets too cold, he may hibernate. This is extremely dangerous, as many pet hamsters don’t know how to hibernate correctly. On the other hand, if Hammie gets too hot, he could overheat and get very sick. Don’t put your furry pal in drafty areas, near heating elements, or in direct sunlight.


Don’t put Hammie too close to loud noises, as this will make your little buddy uncomfortable and uneasy. You’ll also want to consider the noise that Hammie himself makes. Hamsters are typically nocturnal, and are often active at night. If you put your tiny furball in your bedroom, he may keep you awake by playing while you’re trying to sleep.


Hamsters are quite sociable and friendly. If you keep little Hammie by himself in a back room, he could get sad and lonely. Your pet will be much happier if he can watch and interact with his human pals. Put your furry friend in a spot where he can see and hear you, but isn’t the center of attention.

Other Considerations

If you have other pets, make sure Hammie isn’t in a spot where he will feel threatened by them. For instance, if you have a cat, and put your hamster’s cage on the floor, Fluffy may very well terrorize the little guy by pawing at the glass. Make sure your furry pal is in a place where he feels comfortable and safe.

Do you have any questions about hamster care? We can help! Please feel free to contact us, your local San Antonio, TX vet clinic, anytime!

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